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Just received the paper and we are absolutely delighted with it. We will order more in the future and tell all our friends about your products. Didn’t think I could get excited about paper! ūüôā

For our commercial customers, ordering in 100s of sheets, you may prefer to purchase directly and discuss your requirements, though you are welcome to just use our online shop.  Please email or call 01442 234600 and one of the production team can get back to you. Please allow a little time as they are busy producing, but they will get back to you as soon as they can.
Orders from our existing stock are usually packed and dispatched within 3 working days, however demand for our papers is great and sometimes you will need to place a purchase order to enter our production schedule.  We do advise you plan ahead for our artisan products made on a 1902 machine; but that is what makes them so special.
Our machine made papers include many with inclusions -bits in them – such as seeds, petals, gold and silver or just silver leaf, confetti, spent hops, shredded banknotes and Ellie Poo to name a few.
Our Air Dried Seed paper (280gsm) is extremely popular; this is the stock with UK native wildflower seeds and grass seeds as the inclusion. It takes longer to produce with a more hands on process, plus all the seeds, therefore it is more expensive but the process means that the seeds should grow.  Machine drying would destroy the seed. We do not offer guaranteed growth but it is our fasting moving paper stock and many customers return for more. Beware demand is high!
Our machine produced papers typically contain at least 50% recycled material, sometimes more; many of the papers are produced in 120gsm and 280gsm. Our maximum sheet size is SRA2, long grain. Paper can be cut to size and delivery arranged.

To purchase online (including exotic papers) please visit our

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