We just received the group’s and faculty leaders’ feedback about their entire time in England and the visit to you was one of their highlights of the program.

College of New Jersey visit, D. Wintrich :: Program Manager CEPA Customized Educational Programs Abroad

Specialist students

Frogmore is the perfect venue for art, design, packaging, publishing and print students to learn more the materials with which they work. Students are able to attend in groups and experience a presentation, a more in depth tour, a chance to make A4 handmade paper in the professional vat. Or opt for letterpress printing, normally delivered by an ex-printer who can answer any questions and discuss paper and printing throughout history and up to the present day! Please call to discuss the detail.

Sessions are a good grounding for students of printing, packaging, publishing, graphic design and art. The more you tell us about your aims, the more we can help you to achieve them. Talk to us and we can adapt.

Please call 01442 234600 or email education@frogmorepapermill.org.uk for further details

This experience is charged at £15+VAT.

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